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Lahori Cuisine.....!

Someone has truly said:

Lahore Lahore hai jinay Lahore Ni waikhaeya o jamiya hi nhi……….

Lahore is actually the heart and hub of delicious and aromic food dishes; in fact Lahori Khabay attracts the people from all over the world. Lahore is immensely popular for its food from Mughalai to various Punjabi dishes.
Lahorities have an access not only a large number of Pakistani dishes and Punjabi specialties but it also has fast food restaurants, western cuisines and even Chinese, Indian and Thai. 

Lahori Specialties:
Lahore is renowned for having unique taste of its dishes, some of the important and popular food dishes and food points are Ustad Phajay kai paee,Asif’s and Warris’s Nehari,Fried fish at Sardar Machli,Bashir Darul Mahi,butt kai channy(which includes murgh channy and khoey walay channy).Rab RAkha chicken Tikka,Yousaf’s Falooda,Benazir Kulfa.Baba g ki Khulifi,Chamman’s ice-cream ,Karahi gosht at Lakshmi Chowk,Khalifa’s khataee biscuits and Butt’s samosas and Jalebi and so on has a great popularity.
Cholay or Chany is a most popular and common dish of Punjab and Lahore people there enjoy chany in breakfast or lunch with the special naan,chapati and salad........ 

Nihari is also another specialty of  Lahore and inf act Pakistan ,it is actually a spicy curry  that is normally presented with tandoori roti ,naan lemon,ginger and green chili that also plays an important role to enhance its taste...

In Lahore the Karahi gosht of Lakshmi chowk has a great importance it offers both chicken and mutton Karahi with the excellent and unique taste,is is normally presented in special Karahi or bowl with the green fresh coriander and ginger and  people enjoy it with dahi,raita and salad....

No thing can beat Lahori tikka and chargha in the world

Fried fish is also another important specialty of Lahore which is overnight marinated with the special spices and then fried it  in deep oil, Sardar's Machli in Lahore is famous all over the world

Lahori people also love to eat certain snacks except continental food such as samosas,pakoray,kachori and so on,in order to enhance its taste they usually use chutney and other varieties of sauces... Butt sweets and bakers are famous in their taste of snacks.

In Lahore chaman ice-cream is the oldest and popular ice-cream parlor that offers a lot of yummy ice-cream flavors to ice-cream lovers in Lahore and Karachi city....
It is immensely famous and still competitive ice-cream parlor.......

  The taste of Lahori jalebi is second one and famous 
     all over the country its shiny orange color attracts and persuade the people to try it at least once

Lahori falooda and especially chilly yummy and creamy yousaf's falooda plays an important role in the killer hot summer of Lahore to beat the heat.........

Lahori Restaurants:

As far as Lahori restaurants are concerned then no restaurant is equal in the world to Lahori restaurants Lakshami chowk is actually the hub of great restaurant where every food item is available with a lot of varieties and it is situated at
Similarly interior Lahore is also a remarkable example of Lahori Khabay where the taste of food items is second none.

If we are discussing about restaurants then how can we forget Food Street Lahore which is still the attraction of many tourists and local people the best thing about Food Street is its different unique and eye catchy location and culture.
Food Street at Anarkali was a main junction but unfortunately due to certain reasons anarkali food street has been demolished. However recently Food Street fort road (Shahi Qila road) has inaugurated by Hamza Shehbaz Sharif and he announced that probably nine streets will be opened in the city that will definitely amuse the Lahorities this food street is a great historical masterpiece for the tourists, here the people can ride the horse baggie.



Similarly Dhaba, Dera, Ziafat, village, Gourmet, Shezan Regale, Tabaq, Salt n paper, Fazal-e-haq Dera, Mirchi, Cuckoo’s Den, Mehak and so on are the top restaurants of Lahore city and their various branches are also existed in the parts of the country.
some important photos of these restaurants:
represents the actual color of  Lahori
represents  the Punjabi village culture however offers numerous food dishes.

DERA RESTAURANT             DERA presents the food in excellent and lively manner . It is ethnic and  refreshing  kind of  restaurant where every kind of Pakistani cultural food dishes are available.
                                                SALT AND PEPPER
                             Its a excellent restaurant for outdoor eating lovers salt and pepper Grill and salt and pepper Village are                     a sister restaurants

                       TABAQ is actually an Arabic word which means a big plate in which a number of people eat food together.Restaurant offers many food dishes including Pakistani continental, Chinese,Thai etc with an interesting food presentation.

Its an amazing restaurant  that offers regular or buffet dinner and lunch its calm and refreshing environment persuade the visitors to come again and again...
            Its a  great family restaurant and provides a quality food.

Certain Italian ,Chinese, Japanese,French,Indian and Thai restaurants are also serving the Lahorities with a lot of food varieties.
So Lahore is a great city of yummy and delicious food dishes so go and enjoy life.......................!  

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